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Jl. Lebak Timur Blok VI No. 5
Surabaya - Indonesia
Telp    : 031 - 51503054

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Ceramic Cloth And Rope
Ceramic Fiber
Ceramic Cloth And Rope

Ceramic Cloth And Rope Surabaya

These are woven from yarn consisting of refractory ceramic fibre with approximately 20% organic carrier fibre. Inserted materials are incorporated into the yarn to increase fabric tensile strength. These products have exceptionally low smoke-off characteristics upon heating as compared with standard ceramic fibre textiles. Several application are expansion joints, sealing, wrapping, asbestos substitute. Moreover, this product contains 15-20% organic carrier fibre to facilitate the carding process and exhibits excellent chemical stability, resisting attack from most corrosive agents.

Thickness: 3 mm
Tape Size: 3 mm x 50 mm x 25 m
Cloth Size: 3 mm x 300 mm / 1000 mm x 10 m

Ceramic Cloth And Rope Surabaya

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